What’s happening underground?

Pressure, transient pressure capture, acoustics, water temperature.

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Why it’s great:

Collect data for transient studies, model calibration and leak detection.
Aligned with operating system data, such as pump and valve operation, station discharge pressures, and flows, for greater insights into your system.
No digging required.
No impact on hydrant operation.
Dry barrel configuration.
Quick & easy installation in under an hour.


We are ambitious thinkers and tenacious doers

Our team brings together extensive experience in water distribution system modelling, design and maintenance, automation solutions, and digital communications. With this combined knowledge, we developed patented technology that gives you a window into your distribution system. Now you have insights into operating pressures, transient events, water temperature, and anomalies that could indicate potential failures in your pipe network at your fingertips.

Don Plouffe
Inventor + Operations

Dennis Mutti
Water Systems

Tim Sutherns
Automation & Controls

Darryl Patterson
Digital Data


Success stories

In a short period of time we have been able to help utilities identify operating and transient pressure issues, reduce the risk of failure through better understanding of operational decisions, and save energy through more efficient pressure based operation. We have helped with transient studies and provided data to assist with model calibration all of which are helping utilities operate with a greater understanding of their water distribution system.


We’ve got the research to prove it

Working closely with researchers at the University of Waterloo, we have refined our ability to detect anomalies within water distribution systems. Why does this matter? These anomalies are often indicative of changes that are associated with leaking pipes. Check out the facts:

Leak detection in water distribution pipes using singular spectrum analysis

Roya Cody, Jinane Harmouche & Sriram Narasimhan(2018),Urban Water Journal

One-Class SVM – Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems

Cody, Roya; Narasimhan, Sriram; Tolson, Bryan (2017), Paper


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