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Detect Leaks - illustration of leaking water pipe

Detect Leaks

Lost water is an issue we all face at our utility. Whether it is from leaks, breaks or unmetered services, non-revenue water impacts our financial strength.

What if you could start reducing your non-revenue water by finding and fixing leaks that never surface? Or reduce your bursts by better understanding your operating pressures and transient events? It’s time to consider building out a permanent monitoring solution.

Using acoustics, pressure and transient detection your team can begin the process of reducing leakage, bursts and the percentage of non-revenue water in your system.

Extend Asset Life - illustration of water pipe with plus sign icon

Extend Asset Life

We know that asset rehabilitation in our water systems requires billions of dollars annually.

What if you could extend the life of your distribution network by intelligently monitoring, analyzing and alerting your teams to areas that may be prone to failure, targeting critical areas for repairs and replacement before they catastrophically fail.

Allowing your team to spend their budget strategically and extend the life of the assets under their control.

Reduce Burst Rates - illustration of bursting water pipe

Reduce Burst Rates

When a large watermain bursts and washes out a road, floods basements and results in boil water advisories, your team is under pressure to get things back to normal.

Our aging infrastructure consists of corroded and weakened pipe, sometimes just held together because it is not as weak as another area in the system. At higher operating pressures and during transient events we run the risk of creating a failure in the weaker areas of our system.

Using pressure and transient detection to assist with operational decision making your team can begin the process of reducing bursts in your system.

Increase Customer Satisfaction - illustration of water pipe with checkmark icon

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Nobody wants their water bills to go up – nobody. If you can find a way to reduce leaks, minimize service interruptions, operate more efficiently and save energy your customer’s satisfaction will increase.

Using technology to help reduce costs is an investment worth making when one of your goals is increased customer satisfaction. It also allows you to get more eyes on your system without overloading your current team with additional tasks. Win-win.

We can help you take a more holistic view of your entire operational ecosystem.

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Pressure Capture
Transient Pressure Capture
Water Temperature

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Device and Platform


The hydrant.AI Device measures pressure, monitors for transient pressure events, acoustics and water temperature in your water distribution system.

Our patented leak detection technology can transform the way you monitor your water distribution network.


The hydrant.AI Platform provides real‑time information to utilities as conditions within the distribution system change and water leaks are detected.

Our platform can help make your water system easy to monitor.

Case Studies

The Team

We are ambitious thinkers and tenacious doers

Our team brings together extensive experience in water distribution system modelling, design and maintenance, automation solutions, and digital communications. With this combined knowledge, we developed patented acoustic leak detection and water network monitoring equipment that gives you a window into your distribution system. Now you have insights into operating pressures, transient events, water temperature, and acoustic anomalies that could indicate potential failures in your pipe network at your fingertips. With our patented acoustic leak detection equipment, water network monitoring is simplified.

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