The Device

When you need data from your system you want it from a single device, referenced geospatially and with a unified time across all of the units you have installed.  Meet the hydrant.AI Device that measures pressure, transient pressure, acoustics and water temperature in your water distribution system.  

Our patented Device conveniently installs in your existing infrastructure.  It comes with a complete new lower valve assembly to suit your dry barrel hydrant and a stainless steel housing for the instrumentation, ensuring longevity within your water network.  Our Device allows your hydrants to remain in operation year-round, even in freezing conditions.

Installation of our Device takes less than 45 minutes and can be completed by your team of experts or by our installation team. The Device starts to send data within minutes of being installed.  Data is transmitted to our cloud hosted servers where it is stored and available for your use or for integration with our hydrant.AI Platform.  If you prefer we can bring the data securely into your SCADA system, or data lake.  

No matter what your data collection requirements we can provide you with near real-time feedback from your system, making our Devices capable of providing you the information when you need it to act on changing conditions.

Whether you need ‘just the data’ or want to leverage the power of our hydrant.AI Platform to help you better understand what is happening underground we are here to help. 

Why dig when you have access points readily available throughout your water network?