The Platform

The hydrant.AI Platform has been designed to provide real-time information to utilities as conditions within the distribution system change.  Using artificial intelligence and machine learning the hydrant.AI Platform is constantly scanning the data coming from the hydrant.AI Device to identify anomalies and then to asses the impact of those events. 

Do you have a leak?

Is there a pressure drop? 

Was a transient detected? 

Is your water temperature indicative of freezing conditions or microbiological concerns?

Providing timely alerts and reports to your team allows them to act on the information being provided by the hydrant.AI Platform.  The Platform provides geospatial information regarding events, identifying where leaks and bursts are being detected, as well as identifying when transient events, or abnormal water temperatures are captured. 

Why wait for a pipe to burst when have full-time eyes on your underground infrastructure? 

As it sifts through the data coming from the hydrant.AI Device, throughout your water system and identifies issues that arise, you can have confidence that your system is being actively monitored. No need to take your attention of what you do today – the hydrant.AI Platform has you covered. 

We understand that a platform benefits from both giving and receiving.  Our API allows data to be accessed for use in other platforms, such as GIS, hydraulic models and SCADA systems.  In the same way we can receive data from your existing data sets, allowing the platform to provide enhanced analytics when receiving flow, pressure, and pump operation data from your SCADA system, and information from your GIS application.

Leverage the power of the hydrant.AI Platform and start obtaining results today.