Town of Lincoln wins Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators 2024 Award of Excellence for Environmental Leadership and Sustainability

The Town of Lincoln, ON is being recognized with a 2024 CAMA Environment Leadership & Sustainability Award, in the 20,001 to 100,000-population category, for its Water Loss Reduction Program.

The Town’s comprehensive Water Loss Reduction Program addresses challenges related to increasing water loss, aging pipes, and the need to replace existing water meter infrastructure.

Aligned with the Town’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, the program exemplifies dedication to preserving water resources and promoting resilient infrastructure to benefit the community and environment.

The program is comprised of two initiatives:

  1. Real Time Monitoring for Leaks, Pressure, and Temperatures (public). And
  2. Water Meter Replacement with Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI (private).

Real Time Monitoring uses hydrant.AI to identify leaks proactively, enhancing system operation. The Meter Replacement and AMI offers real-time meter reads, improving customer service.

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns, the Town successfully reduced water loss from 15% to under 9%, optimizing efficiency and reducing Leak Abatement Program requests.

Overall, the program demonstrates a sustainable impact through tangible results, operational efficiencies, technological advancements, community engagement, and contributions to broader environmental goals.

As part of this program, the Town worked closely with Digital Water Solutions Inc., Diameter Services and Neptune Technology Group (Canada) Ltd.

Engaging associations like the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Ontario Greenbelt, and Ontario Water Works Association, the Town encourages other municipalities to adopt similar sustainable practices, sharing knowledge for positive change.

2024 CAMA Awards Recipients | Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators


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