Leak Detection: Small Leaks – Catching them Early

Early Notification

Everyday water that has been treated and pumped manages to disappear. Water loss can be attributed to many things including leaks, breaks, water theft or non-metered consumers. With our aging infrastructure one area of growing concern is finding leaks before they become a major break, thus reducing water loss, preserving assets and minimizing costs associated with watermain repairs and potentially road collapse.

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City of London: Pump Station Assessment

Location: City of London, Canada
Population: 405,000
Purpose: Transient Mitigation

The operation of pumping stations can significantly impact the
asset life of distribution systems and the amount of leakage in a
system. Distribution systems are best maintained at consistent
water pressures with minimal pressure spikes. Large and rapid
swings in pressures are known to damage water systems and over
time cause failure of watermains. Even before a watermain fails
from these large swings in pressure, leakage at joints begins to
increase as the transient events start to loosen the joints.

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Digital Water Solutions and Veitur

Location: Álftanes Peninsula, Iceland
Population: 2,600
Purpose: Network Monitoring 

On the western Atlantic coast of Iceland, the beautiful Álftanes Peninsula is home to four thousand people, including Iceland’s president. Residents of Álftanes receive water through a distribution network served by a single main pipeline. The pipeline is small in diameter and it is impossible to maintain constant pressure during periods of high demand. In addition, the pipeline is made of a variety of materials, including PVC. With no local water storage and operations overseen by a neighboring municipality, it is challenging for the water team in Álftanes to meet their operational goals.

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